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Maddie & Bella
Maddie & Bella

We began in 2010, with the goal of finding the best brand of beans and ideal brewing techniques for making a truly excellent brew. Unfortunately, through trial and error, we discovered that most commercially produced coffee (and most big chain coffee houses) use beans that are over-roasted, burned, stale or otherwise have flaws that prevent drinkers from enjoying the bean fully. While most consumers have just grown accustomed to these flavor defects, Maddie & Bella's first taste testers (namely, a few brave family members) decided that only by starting with fresh, un-roasted beans right from the source, could they ensure a great cup of coffee every single pour.

Borrowing the names from our beloved family dogs, Maddie & Bella, a new way for all of us to enjoy coffee was born. We bought our first at home coffee bean roaster, set up shop next to our home in Perrysburg, Ohio and began roasting coffee beans by hand in micro-batches. Soon, family and friends were asking for more of our delicious hand made blends and single origin roasts, and our coffee found it's way on to the shelves and cupboards of local grocery stores around the Toledo area. What began as part hobby, part obsession nearly a decade ago has evolved into a home roasted coffee producer with meticulous attention to the detail that goes into roasting the finest beans in the world.

Maddie & Bella understands that coffee isn't just about the beans themselves, but about the growers, producers, importers, roasters, baristas and finally the enjoyers taking a sip of that magical brew for the first time. People are what define coffee, as much as the drink itself, and or goal has always been to honor the people involved from beginning to end

Part of that commitment extends to the growers and coffee bean producers we import from around the world, which is why we are registered to carry and offer certified fair trade coffee. The vast majority of our beans come directly from farmers who have adequate working conditions and have been fairly compensated in the marketplace for the beans that they harvest. Our commitment to offering Fair Trade goods is meant to.

All of these elements, along with the family and the friends that have supported us from the earliest days, helped Maddie & Bella Coffee Company evolve into what it is today. Our coffee is hand (not paw) crafted in small controlled batches, and we can't stress enough the importance of fresh coffee beans, ready to be ground right before being enjoyed by you and your family.

So take a look around, browse our coffee selection, try something new or find a micro-batch of your old favorite. And above all else, Happy Brewing!